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Are There Benefits To Using Used Diesel Generators?

80 kVA Cummins C80D5 Diesel Generator Set

Used Diesel Generators – Are They Worth It?

In today’s society, the need for power efficiency is at the top of everyones priority list. However, this does not mean getting the most power efficient generator should cost the earth (in an expense way and in an ecological sense).

腾讯体育You should be getting the most power efficient method possible for your budget. Can you achieve both from a ?

We at The Power Depot think the answer is YES.

Petrol vs. Used Diesel Generators

腾讯体育Used diesel generators are more cost effective to run when compared to petrol generators. They are more environmentally friendly due to being reconditioned to the highest quality. This means the used diesel generator will be running at its maximum efficiency and producing fewer emissions  just like new diesel generator but without the price tag!

Diesel generators don’t have to work as hard as a petrol generator to produce the same output either making sure you get the most out of your fuel.

Power Vs Price

腾讯体育Brand new diesel generators can be towards the most expensive end of the spectrum. When customers are considering buying a generator budget constraints can often lead to making the wrong choice. However, a used diesel generator is significantly lower in price. This is both in price when buying and in cost to run. On average it costs between 30% and 50% than a petrol generator after your purchase.

In our opinion, used diesel generators are too often mistaken for being lower in value, however, if refurbished right, they are just as cost effective (if not more) than new generators.

Get What You Want

腾讯体育Another benefit of using a used diesel generator is that they can actually be  to suit your exact needs. This can include everything from the size, purpose and even colour of the used diesel generator!

All used generators should be refurbished and tested to the highest quality before the sale. If refurbished properly you will end up with a perfect generator that suits your specific needs AND end up paying less than expected for your used diesel generator.

What We Think

腾讯体育For more information on used diesel generators,  at Powerfind to help you determine what would be best for your generator needs. We are experts in used generators, , , and .

By having a chat with us, we can fully identify the best solution for you. However, in terms of what The Power Depot think about buying a used diesel generator, we would definitely recommend it. If you are considering buying a generator but are on a budget and want to get the maximum power efficiency for your money, used diesel generators could be the solution for you.

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COVID-19 Update: Offices Closed


Due to the new restrictions put in place on 23rd March 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus, our offices and warehouse will now be closed for the next 3 weeks starting from the 24th March 2020.

We will still be available to contact by phone or email for any enquiries that you have! Please visit our contact page for our full contact details. Our online shop腾讯体育 will also still be open, so please go ahead with online purchases as normal!

We apologise to all of our customers at this difficult time and hope that everybody stays safe & healthy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need any help finding a generator!

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How much do Backup Generators Cost?

腾讯体育Climate change is affecting all areas of the globe, and the UK is no exception. Unexpected storms are as likely to hit in the summer as they are during the winter. With storms come the high winds, trees coming down across power cables, sub-stations hit by lightning strikes, or being flooded by torrential rain. Businesses and homes face an increased risk of being hit by a power blackout at any time of the year, and these power outages can last from an hour to 12 hours, to days at a time in the worst case scenarios. While many of the UK’s hospitals, large businesses, and hotels have backup power installed as a matter of course, smaller industries, and many homeowners, are considering installing a backup generator. But how much do backup generators cost? Is it worth it? And what size do you need?

Working out the perfect backup generator for you

Modern backup generators are powered by propane gas, natural gas, or diesel, while smaller are usually home portable generators are powered by petrol. Specialist companies such as based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, carry large stocks of new and used commercial diesel and gas generators in all sizes. They also hire, repair, and maintain generators from all manufacturers.

腾讯体育The size of your backup power supply will depend on what you need it to power. The higher the Kilowatt (KW) rating, the greater the power output, the more power your generator produces, the more appliances it can operate at the same time. So, a 2.8 kVA portable generator will produce 2,800 watts, while a 3.75kVA portable generator will produce 3,750 watts of power.

The average UK household uses over 10 kWh hours of power per day, while an average medium size UK business, can use between 80 and 140 kWh hours of power daily. For instance, in the average household;

  • A two slice toaster uses around 1,000 watts
  • A washing machine can use 1,200 watts
  • A fridge can use 130-190 watts
  • To boil a kettle around 1,800 watts.

While a small portable generator might be perfectly adequate for what the average household needs to power during a power blackout, for businesses it can be a whole different ball game.

腾讯体育Hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, restaurants and pubs have walk-in freezers, large fridge freezers, and commercial cooking ranges which have to be kept operating. Manufacturing plants and engineering companies need power for production lines and machinery. All this power needs to be calculated to ensure you obtain a generator of sufficient output for your needs.

Most small generators have a manual electric start, but larger models are wired directly to your incoming power. As soon as the electricity is interrupted, they kick in automatically, restoring power in seconds.

If you have suffered financial loss due to business interruption in the past, or you feel now is the time to consider installing a backup generator to minimise the risk of prolonged downtime, contact a specialist company such as The Power Depot. One of their electrical engineers will discuss your requirements, make onsite visits, and suggest the type and size of generator you need to ensure when all around you are plunged into darkness, your premises remains a shining light.

The question really isn’t how much do backup generators cost, the question is what you could lose by not having a backup generator.

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Choosing The Right Industrial Generator

There are many ways a generator can be of importance. It could be a way to prepare for power outages, a means to have additional power or as the primary source of electricity for your family or workplace. For any reason, there is always a need for investing in one. Why not learn about picking the right power generator sets to get the right unit for you.
There is a wide selection of generators you can find today. They come in several styles, sizes and makes so choosing the right set can be difficult especially if you are inexperienced in the field of power generator sets and their functionality. This is why learning about choosing the right one is a truly important skill.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a generator is the sizing. Generators today come in a wide array of sizes and generators made for personal or home use have power supply capacities of 5kW to 50kW. Industrial generators, on the other hand, vary from 50kW to anything over 3 Megawatts. A generator set is either driven by diesel or petrol and generator under-sizing is one of the common buyer mistakes. You need to, therefore, purchase a generator that meets your power requirements.
Power requirements is important when purchasing generators, it goes hand in hand with generator sizing. You need to consider the purpose you need to fulfil with your generator. Small generators provide a very small amount of power. For the basic home standby generator, the basic 5kW should keep basics such as the freezer, kettle, fridge, TV and vacuum cleaner running. It is recommended to use only one of the larger household items to prevent overloading. If you use a power consuming appliance of about 2600 watts, then you should consider purchasing a mid-range unit. Generator under-sizing can damage your generator and other assets connected. When purchasing a generator unit, always remember that more is better.

The next thing to consider is the pricing of the generator. There are a number of options available that should dictate the general pricing. The sizing of the unit and the amount of power produced has a great impact on the total pricing of the generator. However, choosing a generator simply on the pricing is not a wise way to do your shopping. Generator sales experts will tell you that choosing your generator based on other factors such as your needs is a holistic approach to give you the best results.

You may also want to consider the reliability of the power generator set when choosing one by taking a further step, this could include reading reviews which can be very important. You should see how reliable it has been for other consumers that have purchased a similar unit and you may also want to dig deep in the history of the generator manufacturing company. After you have done your research on reviews and history of the company, it will be easy to come up with a better conclusion.

Noise and safety
Noise and safety will be important after purchasing your generator and you begin using it. For safety, generators have to be correctly installed and connected to the building through a suitable switch. It should have protection circuit breaker installed. To improve on safety, the general connection should be certified by an electrician. Apart from safety, noise is a common disadvantage with generators. It is never a good thing in any way, especially if your neighbourhood is quiet. Fortunately, you can consider purchasing models that work silently.

腾讯体育Finally, you should consider the quality and the build of the generator that you would like to purchase. Often, the quality of the generator is determined by the company that produces the generator. Hire and service generator experts will tell you that sticking with a reputable brand will mean that you do not compromise on quality. You may also want to talk with people that offer generator sales. You will learn a lot about the quality of each generator based on the recommendation that salespersons tell you.

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Do you really NEED a backup generator?

In this post we’re going to address the question that I’m sure most people/businesses may ask themselves when they visit our website; ‘Is a generator really necessary?’.

腾讯体育The Power Depot offer a range of generators for all uses.

First of all, let’s focus on commercial use. So say you’re at home and your power goes out and you’re in the middle of cooking dinner or watching your favourite show. How useful would it be for a backup power generator to automatically kick in as soon as the power goes down? It makes sense.

We offer our clients the full service; so you would have your generator delivered, offloaded, positioned, installed and maintained. The job lot! But if you’re maybe on a smaller budget or you simply like being in full control, then you have the option to just get it delivered, or just maintained perhaps? The choice is yours.

腾讯体育I want to point out that hiring or buying a power generator isn’t scary business. It could actually be really beneficial to you. For example, we currently hire out a small generator to one of our customers to power his home on a farm. This helps him massively during power-cuts as he is able to carry on as normal.

腾讯体育I think what puts most people off from buying a generator is the idea of having a hefty piece of machinery in your backyard. But that’s not the case. Most commercial use generators are the size of a small chest of drawers, so it’s not an eyesore.

腾讯体育Now, let’s talk about industrial use generators. So you’ve got your commercial use generators that are small, and you’ve got your industrial use generators that are way bigger than your garden shed. These can be used for a variety of different things, for example, we sold one to the NHS. That will be used at a hospital for a power outage to generate enough power for the hospital to run on; things like fridges for the medicine, life support machines etc. This shows the importance of some of the bigger generators and how these can come in handy. So if you are a company who rely on electricity for safety then the answer to our question above would be, YES a power generator is necessary because you never know what could happen!

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The Lifespan of a Generator and Other Crucial Elements

腾讯体育It’s important when purchasing a generator to consider the lifespan of a generator and how to get the most out of it. Homeowners and businesses can expect to get a reliable supply of power because advances in technology have made it possible, but the occasional power interruption or electrical failure cannot be ruled out. Power supply may also get cut because of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and storms. Equipment malfunctions at power supply stations are other potential causes of electrical failure. It is why generators are vital because they ensure that there is emergency power supply when the need arises. When you can’t tell how long a home or facility will be without power, it helps to have a secondary supply to avoid the stalling of critical operations. When installing a generator, you need to know a few basics to make the most out your generator.

Operating a Generator

腾讯体育A consumer may want to know how long a generator can run while providing maximum service. There is no clear-cut answer to this question because several variables come into play during the operation of a backup power supply. Firstly, as long as a generator has fuel, it will keep running, meaning that, if you can provide a year’s worth, that is how long you can run the machine. However, a generator has to be in top shape if it’s to operate without trouble. As with any other machine, it can break down if it is not accorded proper care.

Maintenance of a Generator

腾讯体育Many things can go wrong when using a backup power supply device that may lead to costly interruptions, especially for business. Your generator needs servicing to ensure that all components are in working condition. Manufacturers recommend several checks and protection measures to ensure that generators keep working uninterrupted.

A filter is one part that can ruin the supply of power, and that can be the result of contaminated fuel. Using a generator for an extended period without changing its filters will compromise their integrity as well, leading to poor service and an efficient machine.
腾讯体育 Because a generator contains movable parts, lubrication is a maintenance practice that users should follow closely. When a single component fails due to excess friction, the functioning of the whole device gets affected. Service and checks have to be scheduled at regular intervals to ensure that a professional detects problems before they escalate.


Another concern among consumers is the length that a machine will last, and that too depends on the level of maintenance it gets. Modern generators can provide services for up to 30 years due to the technology used by manufacturers today. However, these devices will only last if they are utilised correctly, which means that users should learn about all their parts and how they relate to the overall task of supplying power.

A generator that operates in a harsh environment such as a factory requires more frequent checks and servicing. Consider exposure to contaminants when establishing a maintenance plan for a generator. The distributor or manufacturer can help with this task to ensure that you provide the necessary care to a particular brand.

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What Makes for The Best Generator Servicing?

 are vital for the functioning of many businesses and, therefore, need servicing at speed. Maybe your generator needs a fast repair job or is due for an inspection to make sure that it is still working as efficiently as it should be. Maybe you need a new generator altogether. Here is where the best generator servicing team can make all the difference. But what are the qualities of a good generator service?


There’s a limited utility in engineers offering  if they are unable to help with certain models or travel to certain places. Ideally, a company will be able to carry out generator servicing on all makes and models of generators, engines and UPS systems, whatever their customers requirements may be. They should also be able to offer versatility in their location by offering to travel to your site or work at their own.

Equipment inspections

The best way to avoid an issue with your generator is to have the generator inspected before the problem arises or gets worse. Any generator servicing service worth its salt will be able to offer you a highly-qualified inspection of the equipment – by expert mechanical and electrical engineers – and advise you on the best course of action.

Emergency repair and replacement

Sometimes emergencies can arise and you need a quick response to your generator problem. You may also be looking for replacement equipment that enables you to keep your business running while the problem is fixed. That’s why the best providers will be able to respond swiftly to carry out emergency repairs on your generator and offer you a hire generator to allow your business to continue uninterrupted if the problem can’t be fixed right away.

The provider should also be able to give you all the necessary accessories for the hire generator such as cables, fuel tanks and fuel if necessary. With some problems taking longer to resolve than others, it is obviously helpful if the provider is willing to hire out generators for extended periods of time, perhaps even up to years  however long it takes to resolve the problem.

Installation and removal

It goes without saying that although we may own equipment, sometimes we may not be best equipped to install or remove it. That’s why it helps if generator services include installation and removal of your genset or UPS as part of their offer. Again, the further the servicer can travel across the country, the better; some companies even allow overseas servicers to manage their power generation projects if it’s a servicer they trust.

Cost effective

Whatever the size of the project or your location, generator servicing should be offered at a competitive price. Always look for a servicer who is honest enough to advise you on the best option to suit your needs, rather than the most expensive.

Here at The Power Depot Ltd we can offer you all of these benefits. If your generator needs servicing and you’re looking for a quote, please do  to speak with one of our advisors now.

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6 Benefits of Used Diesel Generators

腾讯体育Used diesel generators are used in industries as a backup for power-generation. It offers an environmentally friendly alternative. Diesel is quieter and less expensive to maintain when compared to petrol generators. But what are the benefits of used diesel generators?

Given a new diesel generator is highly-efficient, what makes a used generator so desirable? 


Stereotypically, a used product has less value than that of a new one. However, this is not fundamentally correct because second-hand generators are usually in fine working condition, but they are significantly more affordable because they have been previously owned. Therefore, used diesel generators are suitable for you if you’re on a limited budget!

The value for money is exemplary also, as a used diesel generator can operate up to 10,000 hours before any serious work is required linking to the idea that they perform in the same way a new one does!

Refurbished and tested

Are you dubious of the threat posed by second-hand fuel generators?

Rest assured, all used diesel generators must be legally tested prior to their resale!

腾讯体育One of the main reasons a used generator must be tested is to ensure the safety of the product, otherwise, there could be dangerous consequences. At , we make sure all the generators we stock are fully serviced and tested. Another reason is that it guarantees the generator works efficiently and offers excellent value for money.


腾讯体育When buying a used diesel generator, wouldn’t it be great if you could customise it to meet your specific needs and requirements?

As a result of the ever-demanding diversity of individual requirements, The Power Depot Ltd has created a wide range of generators which are different sizes, colours and have different purposes.

No matter what you need the generator for, you’re sure to find something at The Power Depot!


Don’t waste money on a new diesel generator! Have you considered a used one? A used diesel generator offers infinite quality – this is because it has been tried and tested before it’s resale; despite this, the cost is significantly cheaper.

  • But why chose diesel and not petrol?

In terms of affordability, it costs between 30% and 50% less to maintain a diesel generator, than a petrol generator – ultimately saving you money!


Understandable, a used diesel generator is too heavy and awkward to transport singlehandedly, hence why The Power Depot Ltd provide a delivery service. They deliver to areas within Europe, the Middle east and America – meeting the demands of diverse needs, on a global level!


Used diesel generators have a variety of advantages including reliability and simplicity; they’re known for their low usage of fuel, having environmental positives! If you require a generator that ensures safe operations, a used generator has the reputation to perform without causing harm – and is particularly effective because they are less flammable!

Why The Power Depot Ltd?

We are specialists in second-hand generators, in the areas of Derbyshire and Chesterfield, however, our delivery service is appropriate for anyone, we ship worldwide!

If you can’t find the generator you’re looking for, , at The Power Depot we endeavor to source the exact generator you’ve been searching for!