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COVID-19 Update: Offices Closed


Due to the new restrictions put in place on 23rd March 2020 due to the COVID-19 virus, our offices and warehouse will now be closed for the next 3 weeks starting from the 24th March 2020.

We will still be available to contact by phone or email for any enquiries that you have! Please visit our contact page for our full contact details. Our online shop will also still be open, so please go ahead with online purchases as normal!

We apologise to all of our customers at this difficult time and hope that everybody stays safe & healthy. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need any help finding a generator!

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Choosing The Right Industrial Generator

There are many ways a generator can be of importance. It could be a way to prepare for power outages, a means to have additional power or as the primary source of electricity for your family or workplace. For any reason, there is always a need for investing in one. Why not learn about picking the right power generator sets to get the right unit for you.
There is a wide selection of generators you can find today. They come in several styles, sizes and makes so choosing the right set can be difficult especially if you are inexperienced in the field of power generator sets and their functionality. This is why learning about choosing the right one is a truly important skill.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a generator is the sizing. Generators today come in a wide array of sizes and generators made for personal or home use have power supply capacities of 5kW to 50kW. Industrial generators, on the other hand, vary from 50kW to anything over 3 Megawatts. A generator set is either driven by diesel or petrol and generator under-sizing is one of the common buyer mistakes. You need to, therefore, purchase a generator that meets your power requirements.
Power requirements is important when purchasing generators, it goes hand in hand with generator sizing. You need to consider the purpose you need to fulfil with your generator. Small generators provide a very small amount of power. For the basic home standby generator, the basic 5kW should keep basics such as the freezer, kettle, fridge, TV and vacuum cleaner running. It is recommended to use only one of the larger household items to prevent overloading. If you use a power consuming appliance of about 2600 watts, then you should consider purchasing a mid-range unit. Generator under-sizing can damage your generator and other assets connected. When purchasing a generator unit, always remember that more is better.

The next thing to consider is the pricing of the generator. There are a number of options available that should dictate the general pricing. The sizing of the unit and the amount of power produced has a great impact on the total pricing of the generator. However, choosing a generator simply on the pricing is not a wise way to do your shopping. Generator sales experts will tell you that choosing your generator based on other factors such as your needs is a holistic approach to give you the best results.

You may also want to consider the reliability of the power generator set when choosing one by taking a further step, this could include reading reviews which can be very important. You should see how reliable it has been for other consumers that have purchased a similar unit and you may also want to dig deep in the history of the generator manufacturing company. After you have done your research on reviews and history of the company, it will be easy to come up with a better conclusion.

Noise and safety
Noise and safety will be important after purchasing your generator and you begin using it. For safety, generators have to be correctly installed and connected to the building through a suitable switch. It should have protection circuit breaker installed. To improve on safety, the general connection should be certified by an electrician. Apart from safety, noise is a common disadvantage with generators. It is never a good thing in any way, especially if your neighbourhood is quiet. Fortunately, you can consider purchasing models that work silently.

Finally, you should consider the quality and the build of the generator that you would like to purchase. Often, the quality of the generator is determined by the company that produces the generator. Hire and service generator experts will tell you that sticking with a reputable brand will mean that you do not compromise on quality. You may also want to talk with people that offer generator sales. You will learn a lot about the quality of each generator based on the recommendation that salespersons tell you.

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6 Benefits of Used Diesel Generators

Used diesel generators are used in industries as a backup for power-generation. It offers an environmentally friendly alternative. Diesel is quieter and less expensive to maintain when compared to petrol generators. But what are the benefits of used diesel generators?

Given a new diesel generator is highly-efficient, what makes a used generator so desirable? 


Stereotypically, a used product has less value than that of a new one. However, this is not fundamentally correct because second-hand generators are usually in fine working condition, but they are significantly more affordable because they have been previously owned. Therefore, used diesel generators are suitable for you if you’re on a limited budget!

The value for money is exemplary also, as a used diesel generator can operate up to 10,000 hours before any serious work is required linking to the idea that they perform in the same way a new one does!

Refurbished and tested

Are you dubious of the threat posed by second-hand fuel generators?

Rest assured, all used diesel generators must be legally tested prior to their resale!

One of the main reasons a used generator must be tested is to ensure the safety of the product, otherwise, there could be dangerous consequences. At , we make sure all the generators we stock are fully serviced and tested. Another reason is that it guarantees the generator works efficiently and offers excellent value for money.


When buying a used diesel generator, wouldn’t it be great if you could customise it to meet your specific needs and requirements?

As a result of the ever-demanding diversity of individual requirements, The Power Depot Ltd has created a wide range of generators which are different sizes, colours and have different purposes.

No matter what you need the generator for, you’re sure to find something at The Power Depot!


Don’t waste money on a new diesel generator! Have you considered a used one? A used diesel generator offers infinite quality – this is because it has been tried and tested before it’s resale; despite this, the cost is significantly cheaper.

  • But why chose diesel and not petrol?

In terms of affordability, it costs between 30% and 50% less to maintain a diesel generator, than a petrol generator – ultimately saving you money!


Understandable, a used diesel generator is too heavy and awkward to transport singlehandedly, hence why The Power Depot Ltd provide a delivery service. They deliver to areas within Europe, the Middle east and America – meeting the demands of diverse needs, on a global level!


Used diesel generators have a variety of advantages including reliability and simplicity; they’re known for their low usage of fuel, having environmental positives! If you require a generator that ensures safe operations, a used generator has the reputation to perform without causing harm – and is particularly effective because they are less flammable!

Why The Power Depot Ltd?

We are specialists in second-hand generators, in the areas of Derbyshire and Chesterfield, however, our delivery service is appropriate for anyone, we ship worldwide!

If you can’t find the generator you’re looking for, , at The Power Depot we endeavor to source the exact generator you’ve been searching for!